About Us

PASSIVEREWARDS.COM provides a passive, near effortless, non-invasive way to generate tens of thousands to millions of dollars in financial support for your Organization, allowing you to develop, expand and promote your various programs and initiatives that positively affect our communities. Facebook and Twitter changed the way we communicate. Google changed the way we access information. LinkedIn changed the way we conduct our professional lives… And PASSIVEREWARDS.COM will change the way we raise money and increase revenue.

Our Solutions

PassiveRewards provides the next generation of rewards, incentive and benefit solutions to companies of all sizes. We supply a versatile, cloud-based, SaaS loyalty and incentive platform that delivers distinct solutions. Our platform offers the benefits of easily configurable technology plus high-value rewards created using a proprietary redemption content system to achieve no cost rewards — and therefore no impact to your balance sheet, or liability for our clients. After all, we believe doing good shouldn’t be a liability, so neither should our solutions.

Revenue Generation Programs –

Our programs and solutions focus on tapping into the revenue and resources your bases (member, subscriber, supporter and follower) spend elsewhere without thought that does not benefit your Organization – but should. We do so without having your people change anything they do, or deviate from their normal course of behavior. We create seamless programs that take advantage of necessity and typical behavior.

Our Revenue Generation Programs are great for Increasing:

  • Fundraising
  • Sponsorship
  • Donations
  • Passive Income
  • Member/Subscriber/Employee Benefit

Or as:

  • Cost-Savings/Expense Reduction

Introducing TravelPass

Our Partnership With Hotel Wholesale Rates

A true AUTOMATED, NO-COST passive revenue generation, sponsorship and fundraising solution that allows you to access the revenue and resources your members, subscribers, clients and customers spend elsewhere - when not being a patron of your business.

A special wholesale rate travel program that pays your organization for the hotel stays your members and their families make each and every season, each and every year, for: business, pleasure, sports or vacation.

Book one room or book many. It doesn’t matter. They’ll enjoy discounts and savings that can add up to hundreds of dollars per trip, thousands of dollars per year when compared to any of the major booking sites: Expedia, Booking.com, Hotel.com and Travelocity to name a few.

It’s that simple! For every stay! Your Organization earns pay! The perfect complement to your existing sponsorship, fundraising, and other income and revenue generating programs.